About us

Created in 2018, GoldToday is an intuitive website that is dedicated to providing gold seekers with the daily gold rates in Dubai from retail shops in multiple currencies, including AED, INR, and PKR.

Gold is widely considered as the most precious, valuable and prestigious metal in the world, and of course, Dubai has one of the largest markets for gold in the whole world. In fact, Dubai offers the most favorable conditions to purchase gold in the world due to the lower cost of labor and fewer taxes. Dubai gold market is the best place to find large gold jewellery sets, gold coins, and gold bars.

However, gold rates are never constant in Dubai. As a matter of fact, gold rates are set on a day-to-day basis in Dubai, which is why it is very important to have access to tools that will never let you do your gold shopping blindly by providing you with the latest gold rates on an everyday basis. This site is aimed at doing all these and more, and by staying glued to our daily news and updates, we guarantee you that you will always stay informed of the most recent gold prices, in that way keeping you atop the market.

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